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Deep South Texas Hunting At Its Best

Mariposa Ranch Texas

Deep South Texas Hunting At Its Best


Few places are as famous for quality game as the Mariposa Ranch…

…It is recognized for its abundance of wild game and its magnificent world-class hunts. Come and enjoy the pursuit of exceptional game, relaxation, and the unspoiled beauty of a South Texas ranch.

Located midway between Corpus Christi, Texas and Mexico, the Mariposa Ranch has remained in the Sullivan Family for over 110 years.  Daniel J. Sullivan, V continues the legacy, managing operations and implementing a further shift away from cattle ranching toward a more complete wildlife management program.  

The Mariposa spans 45,000 contiguous acres across Brooks and Kennedy counties. With over five types of terrain ranging from heavy mesquite and live oak thickets to vast open prairies and salt grass flats, the Mariposa Ranch enjoys the best of both worlds----excellent deer herds along with immense quail and turkey populations.




906 Country Road 225

Falfurrias, TX, 78355




Hunts Offered

BobWhite Quail

South Texas is one of the few places left that has an abundance of bobwhite quail and the Mariposa Ranch is the premier spot in North America for hunting these wild birds. Since 1986, Rick Smith has provided the Mariposa Ranch with trainers and dogs.  The job requires over one hundred bird dogs that must perform to exacting standards for four months. 


An invasive species to Texas, we will gladly take you out on a pig hunt. Typically, you’ll hunt in blinds over feeders but sometimes it’s possible to hunt them out in the bush. Hogs at Mariposa Ranch can easily reach over 300lbs.

WhiteTail Deer

Whitetail bucks are the most sought after North American game animal, and the Mariposa Ranch bears some of the best whitetail habitat in the country. With a whitetail population of over 3,500 on the ranch, the average B&C score is 135 to 140 and the average age is 6.5 to 7 years old. At the Mariposa Ranch, the most difficult aspect of hunting is deciding which buck to shoot!


We have a huge turkey population with beard lengths averaging over 10 inches and spur lengths averaging 1.25 inches. At the Mariposa Ranch, there is no reason not to take home a trophy bird!


Imported several decades ago, the Nilgai, or Blue Indian Antelope, has proliferated in South Texas.  Fortunately not overrun with these animals, the Mariposa Ranch has healthy herds that roam freely.  Extremely elusive and weighing up to 700 pounds, the Nilgai is not only difficult to hunt, but even tougher to bring down.  A magnum caliber rifle and a well placed shot are essential.


Come early January, the mesquite trees are covered in doves. Our hunts primarily hunt over the water holes late in the afternoon when the birds need to drink. If you are a crack shot - we’ve seen limits in under 15 minutes.


A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be . . . time to commune with your inner soul as you share the outdoors with the birds, animals, and fish that live there.
— Fred Bear


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