Mariposa Ranch
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Located midway between Corpus Christi, Texas and Mexico, the Mariposa Ranch has remained in the Sullivan Family for over 110 years.  Daniel J. Sullivan, V continues the legacy, managing operations and implementing a further shift away from cattle ranching toward a more complete wildlife management program.  Once the world's largest producer of Beefmaster cattle, the ranch now sustains a small herd of cows for the sole purpose of enriching the wildlife habitat.

Bordered on the east, south, and west by the King Ranch and Kenedy Ranch, the Mariposa spans 45,000 contiguous acres across Brooks and Kennedy counties.  With over five types of terrain ranging from heavy mesquite and live oak thickets to vast open prairies and salt grass flats, the Mariposa Ranch enjoys the best of both worlds----excellent deer herds along with immense quail and turkey populations.


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We at Mariposa Ranch know that finding the right place to hunt is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we are happy to talk on the phone to walk you through different species, hunt types, and your budget.

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Naturally, at the Mariposa Ranch, the food and lodging complement the hunt. We have four lodges on the ranch. Each lodge is independent of the other and has its own kitchen staff, guides, and host. We do not combine individuals or groups unless this has been arranged and agreed upon prior to the hunt.

Also uncommon at most ranches is a sense of security and privacy. At the Mariposa, we provide quality service and attention without imposing on your group. We are nestled in-between the King Ranch and the Kennedy Ranch. On the north end we are high-fenced from the smaller ranches. Along with other measures, the only entrance to the ranch is guarded twenty-four hours a day year around. So, whether you hunt alone or with a group, not only will you lodge in comfort, but also with the security, privacy, and individual attention only the Mariposa Ranch can provide.



Skeet Shooting

Cinco's Pavilion: Our sporting clays course has seven shooting stations (3 upper, 4 lower), 20' and 30' towers, and sixteen GP electric traps (rabbit, chandelle, springing teal, 6 standard, 2 battue, & 5 full wobble).



Meat Processing

At the Mariposa, we can dress and process your animals if requested. All birds are plucked and gutted for your convenience. We field dress all big game and can send them to the meat processor in Kingsville to be picked up on your way home. If you have a specific request - don’t hesitate to ask!