Mariposa Ranch
Deep South Texas Hunting At Its Best

Texas Quail

South Texas is one of the few places left that has an abundance of bobwhite quail and the Mariposa Ranch is the premier spot in North America for hunting these wild birds. Since 1986, Rick Smith has provided the Mariposa Ranch with trainers and dogs.

Texas Quail


One of the Last Remaining Wild Quail Operations…

At the Mariposa Ranch, wildlife management and control is our business. From clearing young mesquite growth to selective, controlled strip burning, we preserve and improve our quail habitat. Too, unlike most, we use cattle to graze the grass just enough to keep it from becoming too thick. We also shred over 200 miles of quail hunting roads each year. These measures ensure that our quail populations are not pressured, remain well nourished through the winter, and have pristine cover in which to hold and hide.

Since 1986, the Smith Family has provided the Mariposa Ranch with trainers and dogs.  The job requires over one hundred bird dogs that must perform to exacting standards for four months.  Rick has won 3 National Championships, 7 US Open Championships, 6 International Championships, and well over 100 Open All Age field trials. Sonny Piekarz (well respected dog trainer) has taken over the operation and improved it as well. In the offseason, Rick and Sonny form Team Huntsmith, presenting bird dog training seminars throughout the US.  They bring to the Mariposa a century of knowledge---breeding, training, and handling championship bird dogs.

For two days, hunt over the best english pointers in the world in Texas style. You'll receive a personal guide and quail rig outfitted with 8 dogs per vehicle. 

Lodging at the Mariposa is included along with meals from the camp chef who cooks up your wild quail (if you are a good shot) every night. 

2 days

$3200 per hunter

Lodging and Meals included.